Virtual Assistance

Intelligent virtual assistant

  • State of the art AI to talk to.
  • Ask questions or request information in simple English and get back plain English responses.
  • Process a large amount of unstructured data and answer questions about what it learns.
  • Attach to different types of data sources across domains to learn and analyze difficult information to answer complex questions in an easy way.
  • Advanced natural language processing routines to analyze and understand intent, entities, concepts, documents and knowledge graphs.
  • Advanced document processing system to deconstruct information in different file formats and learn on-the-fly.
  • Open API to customize the language processing pipeline.
  • Integration with knowledge-based sources: Freebase, Wikidata, PermID, DBPedia, OpenNLP and proprietary sources, and an extendable API to read from unknown sources.
  • Integration with data-based sources: Chrome, Excel, PDFs, RapidMiner, Weka and an extendable API to read/write.