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Yonasi is your reliable partner in software development and design work. Founded in 2015, our digital solutions are used by clients and partners in the United States and Western Europe, covering industries such as digital marketing, oil and gas, IT, energy, utilities, and healthcare. We provide complete lifecycle management for our development and consulting services, from planning and designing, to implementation across a wide spectrum of technologies, to after-sales support and maintenance. 

By partnering with us, you can rest assured that your digital needs will be receiving the time and attention necessary to help you stand out. We strongly believe in the old adage that a satisfied customer is a loyal customer. As we look forward to building partnerships, rather than mere transactional relationships, you can count on us to go that extra mile for you – each and every time.

Our Products


  • EMR is a multi-user medical web application with a user-friendly UI/UX experience and easy to follow workflows.
  • Captures patients’ medical history.
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  • Connect over TCP/IP to an endpoint representing physical SCADA devices.
  • Secure communication and certificate-based authentication.
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  • Read and write tens of millions of time-series data points per second on consumer-grade mechanical hard disks
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  • Distributed time-series calculation and analytics engine.
  • Supports historical and out-of-band writes.
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  • Zero-configuration setup. There is no need for a database administrator or to change settings to set up a production-ready node. 

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